An Overseas Tour Guide on Mobile

A demonstration of practical use of BYOS.  With BYOS skills, there is no secret.  It is just a matter of integrating different already available web resources together, and find the right content.  When you know how to do it, you can do it.  No programming needed.

Tour Guide in the Pocket
Tour Guide in the Pocket

Tour Guide in the Pocket

Know where you are, where to go, always in your pocket - using Google Map
Attention to Weather which affects what you prepare and where you go
Gather photos from all travel companions and share - Google Photo
Brief Intro for each spot going to visit
Exchange calculator in the pocket

Tour Guide in the Pocket



A simple mobile-first web app for the tour brings a lot of convenience, giving you all you want to know in your pocket!

Mobile-first is important in this built.  When you travel, your mobile always follow you.  Just remember to get your local SIM card to keep connected to internet.  However, this is what you would do anyway.

What you want to know, what to prepare, where you are, what to be informed, keep notified, keep connected and keep sharing, all in the pocket.


    This was a simple site.  Building of the site took only 2 hours.  The rest was information and data collection.


    Showcase specifics


    This mobile-first web app was customized to the particular tour, which features:

    • Detailed schedule of the tour, including time and location of assembly.
    • Flight information, assembly gathering, reminders of passports and preparations
    • Everyday route and directions of all the spots of visit, integrated with Google Map.  You can locate where you are, which part in the route, and where in the map.
    • All spots of visit, with brief introduction, photos and map location.
    • Meal and hotel with information, locations and instructions.  Famous dishes introduction.  Alternative dinings can be introduced.
    • Local transportation guide in specific locatins.
    • High quality video collection from YouTube giving you good insights in the tour.
    • Dual-location real-time 7-day weather forecast let you compare with home, prepare clothing, water and tools while having fun.
    • Share favorite photos with your tour members any time, with Google Photo in a group protected manner.
    • Introduction of things you can buy.
    • Exchange rate calculator at your finger-tip which aids your purchase decision.
    • A link to private WhatsApp group which makes notifications immediately updated and synchronized to everybody.
    • Instruction of how to use the web-app


    The short-cut of the web app can be easily saved to the mobile with an icon automatically, and looks like a mobile app.

    Everybody will be in sync from one and the same source of planned schedule.  Time, place, assembly, and reminders all in one place.  Alterations can still be made and immediately visible to everyone across.

    All attractions on the schedule are connected to individual briefing page with pictures and map location.

    Tour Schedule


    Attraction Brief




    Hotel Introduction


    Hotel Introduction


    Hotel Introduction



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