A Call Center System

A simple real-life system to handle a call center operation of around 25 staff, distributed in different offices, with embedded knowledge base.  It took just a few days to finish.  A few upgrade enhancements were made afterwards.

with Dennis Burton
A practical system for call center

A practical system for call center

This system was built back at the end of 2017.  Originally the call center was using Excel and Words, to manually handle customer cases,  The handling process went through different stages, different hands, and different levels of approval.  Each case will last for a few days, and up to weeks and months.  Handling manually is a painful experience, not even to mention how to consolidate information where different staff handling the same case at different time, different queue, from different offices including the warehouse and shipping department involving 3rd parties.

A system is a much more suitable tool to handle this.  Building of the system took only a few days, but the business logic and workflow are the key.  The key still is, let the working level people design what they need in their work and it really worked.

The key is, only the people who are working inside really know what they really need.  A lot of unspoken knowledge, relationships and workflow are difficult for IT people to understanding.  BYOS (Build-Your-Own-System) in the BayGO (Build-as-you-GO) approach is probably the best way to handle.  This is also a digital transformation process, but in a painless and fun manner.

The old system is re-built and authorized for demonstration in a controlled manner.  Please contact KF Cheng for a working system demonstration.

The replicated demo system


Showcase specifics

When the staff designs their own system, it bounds to fit their needs and approach.  It is a matter of whether or not the right tools is available, which makes thing visible in an immediate manner, instead of waiting for months and years.

When things are visible, everybody can create because they only need to go one step at a time.  Ideas will come on the next step.  That's the importance of visibility.